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Written by Fatima-Zahra El Jellaoui on Thursday, May 12th, 2022

nc darlington 1 scaled

Another great weekend at Tanfield Railway.

On Saturday Tanfield Railway arranged a great visit to the construction of the G5 engine at Shildon and the P2 at Darlington. Then had a great lunch in the Shildon museum. I’m hoping there will be more visits.

The G5 is an historic NER design of 0-4-4, they were used extensively on the NER hauling local passenger services right through to BR days. It is a shame that none were preserved. The new build is taking place in a unit on an industrial estate not far from Shildon museum.

The P2 is being built by the Tornado team. It was designed by Gresley for use on express passenger services particularly over hilly routes in Scotland. The build is going on in the Hopetown works across the road from the North Rd. Railway Museum in Darlington. As you can see on the attached photos the wheels on the P2 are 6ft high.

On Sunday I was very busy in the new bookshop shop in the old waiting room at Andrew house station and getting ready to open for the first train on Sunday.