Serving Tea in Cafe

I can work

everyone at Journey believes people with learning disabilities have the right to work

You may want to volunteer or you may want to find paid work. You may want to set up your own business.

Journey links to employers, colleges and other charities to find the right opportunities for you. 

Your Job Coach will help you to understand Job Centre systems. We work closely with their Work Coaches, Disability Employer Adviser Consultants and Employer Advisers.  As a team working together, we can find the right job for you. We can also find any extra training you need.

If you come to Journey, you can develop your work skills and life skills.  If you move in to work we are still here for you. Most of our Clients do part-time work and continue coming to Journey’s day service for some days each week. This means you can see your Journey friends and our Staff can support you. This may be because  your needs have changed after starting your job.

with our support you can:


find your dream job

Job Carving

find out about job carving

Reasonable Adjustments

discuss reasonable adjustments

Access work

apply to access to work


prepare your CV

Job search

job search

Serving Tea in Cafe

complete job applications

Meet employers

meet employers

At the Cafe

practise interview skills

At Traffic Lights

practise your travel


work as volunteer in or outside Journey

Serving Meals

get paid work

Get in-work job coach help

get in-work job coach help