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journey clients

meet some of our clients

bs top trumps


I am in Coundon.

I like: making music, tasks that involve using my fingers and hands

I can:

  • learn new skills
  • make my own music
  • verbally communicate my wishes
  • create crafts using my hands
  • access the community gym
hm top trumps


I like: supported work experience

I can:

  • Work hard
  • be dedicated
  • achieve my goals
  • be proud of what we all can achieve in life
  • make a difference to others
rh top trumps


I am at the Newcastle hub.

I like to dance, cooking and community access.

I can:

  • follow a dance routine
  • help to make a meal in the kitchen
  • have fun with my best friend, Steven
sp top trumps


I am at the Newcastle hub.

I like: job coaching.

I can:

  • work
  • make friends easily
  • dance
  • use computers