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trustees and annual report

Board of Trustees

Journey has a small, friendly Board of Trustees.

Trustees are volunteers.  They give their time and skills freely.

Our Trustees include Parents/Carers of people with learning disability.

Barbara Simpson, Chair of the Board of Trustees, describes her experience as a Parent Carer at Journey:

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If you would like to discuss becoming a Trustee contact

Tabatha Tilley

Business Support Manager

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Barbara Simpson

Chair of Journey Enterprises

"Both my sons, now in their 40s, were born with an ultra-rare genetic condition called San Filippo syndrome, which causes physical and learning disabilities. It is a degenerative condition, for which there is no treatment or cure.

Most people with this disease die in childhood or adolescence, but, amazingly, our sons did not and are now thought to be the oldest people in the world living with this syndrome.

I became involved with Journey in 2012 when our younger son started attending its services which were based then at a site called Minsteracres. At the time Journey was looking for Trustees and I thought it was the least I could do to offer my services, especially as I have such a long experience of living with disability and a long-term and successful career in education leadership.

Our son no longer uses Journey because, as his disease developed, his needs could no longer be met. However, I am happy to still do all I can to help develop the service for other disabled people who can benefit from its much-needed, high-quality provision."

Barbara Simpson (Chair)

Our Trustees meet bi-monthly.  

Two meetings are held on Teams. Two are at our Hubs.

Trustees do not run the Charity day to day.  This is done by the Senior Leadership Team and Middle Managers.

Trustees set the Charity's strategy.

They also make sure the Charity is being managed and run properly.

Their most important job is making sure we deliver what our Governing Document says we will.




The Trustees are supported by Jo Bramley, Business Support Officer.

Jo makes sure that anyone who is a new Trustee has a 'buddy' Trustee.