I can stay healthy

Journey’s activities are planned so that you can keep fit and healthy at home and at work

We have a busy sports, outdoor and health programme weekly. We also have visiting talks from health and relationship specialists so that you can manage your disability, discuss health conditions and lifestyle choices, and enjoy healthy relationships. Journey has Clients aged from 18-70+ years.  We have men's and women's health programmes and we look at how your health changes with age. 

All our Clients are entitled to annual health checks.  We will work with you to understand the different services and people you will meet. These will be in the community health services and social care.  We can help support your prepare for health checks. We want to make sure you can ask the questions you want to ask to stay fit and healthy.

Sports are a popular activity at Journey. Most Clients take part in sport.  If you fancy football, boxing, gym, swimming or country or beach walking, why not come to Journey.  We are always keen to try new things.  Tell us what sports you want to try and we will find this for you.


with our support you can:

Punching a Punch Bag

take part in sports and leisure activities with your Journey friends

Find sport and leisure activities close to your home

find sports and leisure activities close to your home

Serving Food

learn about healthy eating and lifestyles

Understanding my disability

understand your disability and health conditions

Visiting a Museum

discuss and learn about healthy relationships

Mowing Grass

learn about healthy ageing


understand women’s and men’s health services

Health and care services

find your way around health and care services