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I can have fun

When you join Journey you choose what activities you want to take part in each week.

At Journey you can make music, act or dance.  You can try a new sport, arts or crafts. You can cook or try gardening. You can also train for work.  It’s your choice. 

Most activities are in small groups of 8 – 10 people working with a Life Skills Coach.  We also get all our Hubs together a few times a year. This means we can try bigger team sports, put on shows or enjoy meeting up with friends.

with our support you can:

Hands in the Air

be strictly wonderful - why not come dancing?

Acting in Costume

take a starring role - are you the celebrity?

Cafeteria Workers

try to ready steady bake – time for star baker?

Weeding a Garden

dig deep – how green are your fingers?

Taking Payment

become an apprentice – but will you be hired?

Agility Sessions

appear in match of the day – are you a winner?

Do you bit for charity

do your bit for charity - amazing!