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At Journey we run a lot of different activities. 

These change every few months.

With lots to choose from you can do the things you like and also try something new.


at Journey you can…


be arty

bl asdatour 2023

get a job

contractwrestling groupshot july2022

get in the ring


go on an expedition


grow my food

Coundon Van

help local people


make new friends


ready steady....bake!

enjoy time off

show off my skills


star on stage

rs mf es coding 7 8 2023

try coding and robots

nn acomb ipad

work with ipads

Most activities are led by an LD Support Worker.

Our Staff are trained to work with adults with learning disability.

Work activities are led by our Work Coaches.


20 walking
14 i can gardeners

We sometimes use coaches from outside Journey. This is for things like sport, music and drama.

We also have visits from the Police, Fire Service, St John's Ambulance and NHS.  

These visits are to support you to stay safe and healthy.

Activities are held at the Hub.

Activities are also  held in the community.  

We get our Hubs together too for special events.