I can travel

We can help you to get to know the area where you live and how to use local transport. Whether it’s to get about in the day, to have a night out with friends or plan a holiday, Journey will help you get around safely.

Clients on our Job Coaching service have travel training to practise getting to and from work.  If you start paid work our Job Coaches will explain the extra support you can get through Access to Work (DWP).

with our support you can:

Get to know your home area

get to know your home area

Understand local transport

understand your local transport

Services Cost

learn how much services cost

Discounted Transport

apply for free or discounted travel

Out for a Walk

learn how to safely get around

Plan my holiday

plan your next holiday

Travel safely

get to and from Journey’s services

Practice travel to work

practise travel to and from work