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parents & carers

We hope you find the information on the website helpful and are encouraged to come and visit us as a family. 

Parents/unpaid carers are experts by experience and part of our Journey family. Working with you, with professionals involved in caring for your family member and, most importantly, talking with your family member about their hopes and aspirations, we can offer the right service. 

Becoming part of the Journey family opens up a new and supportive network of families who share much in common. Each Hub has events during the year to which parents/carers are invited. Many of our parents/carers make strong friendships.  Two parent-carers are invited to join our Board of Trustees to help set the Charity’s strategy and to share their knowledge with us.  The Charity regularly consults with parents/carers to help develop our services and to help us campaign for changes locally, and some parents/carers get actively involved in fundraising and campaigning.


As a regional charity, we work in close partnership with our colleagues in the Voluntary Sector including all of our local carers’ centres.  Most of these are network partners within the Carers Trust.

Find your local network partner

We encourage all parents/carers to register with their local carers’ centres and to have a carer’s assessment from their local authority.  The assessment is simply a support plan which identifies services to support your own needs. The assessment is a great opportunity to talk about how caring affects you, whether you are working or not working, and to say what would help you.

Carers Assessment

We also recommend carers inform their Surgery if they are supporting someone as an unpaid carer. Your Surgery should have a Carers’ Register. This links to a unique code on to your health record on the NHS systems. This means that you should be offered prevention services such as health-checks and flu-jabs. You may also be offered support services such as mental health services. It is very important that health & emergency services know you that you have additional responsibilities should you become unwell or are involved in an accident.

Carers UK Help and Advice

A wide range of benevolent funds and charities offer grants for unpaid carers.   Carers spend these on something they enjoy, giving them time off caring, studying/learning or essential items.  You may like to apply, once registered, to your local carers’ centre who may administer respite grant schemes both on behalf of the local authority and from the Carers Trust nationally.  Grants typically range from £100 - £300.  For more information go to these links:

Carers Trust Grants

Carers Trust PDF Download


We look forward to seeing you at Journey.

Elspeth McPherson

Chief Executive Officer