A Visitors view of Daybreak Open Day

Daybreak supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities - Open Day

A Visitors view of Daybreak Open Day

Christine Martin, Manager of Daybreak Montagu Hub,  received a letter from Cristina Moscato and Alice McCreadie reflecting on their view and experience of Daybreak, Montagu Hub opening day. Read on to see what they had to say.....

"Friday 28th August was the open day of a new home for Daybreak. To begin with, the ribbon cutting by the guest of honour Stephen Miller, three-time Paralympic Gold Medal winner. The Centre Manager Christine Martin welcomed all of the guests and invited us to come in and start the party. Dances, songs, games and banquet...nothing was missing!

In the main hall contemporary dance group led by tutor Adam Bird, had the large audience in rounds of applause. The performers family members were brimming with pride.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to talk with Adam. His role is to plan activities with each Daybreak user on the basis of their desires and aspirations. For Adam everyday is different and the relationship created with each person is unique, built on a subtle equality between peer roles. 'The most important thing is to have respect for everyone and every need' he said.The huge location further away from the city centre gives the opportunity to move freely and it makes everything more peaceful and secure.

When the party finished, we went home happy for the time we spent at Daybreak, eager to share many moments with them again. On behalf of the Workers' Educational Association, we feel proud to work with Daybreak in 'embracing the dreams of adults with learning disabilities' and wish the students all the best of luck in their beautiful new building."