Visit to Auckland Castle

Daybreak supporting adults with learning disabilities - community visits

 Visit to Auckland Castle

Adults from our Minsteracres Hub have visited Auckland Castle.  Our people and staff where invited to visit the castle as part of an aducational trip, so that they could see the work that is currently going on in the castle and in it's grounds.  The work in progress is the refurbishment of the walled garden, the constructiom of a new extension, and the possible extension of the kitchen garden.  Daybreak is hoping to work in partnership with Auckland Castle in the new year.

The group learnt about how the Bishop of Durham lived in the Castle.  They saw his bed and the large hall where he would see people from all over the area.  They also visited the dining hall, which had a very large table and an even bigger cake on it - some of our people said seeing the cake was the highlight of their trip!  The group enjoyed looking at the famous paintings, including the one called "Jacob and his Twelve Sons" which was almost sold a few years ago.  They had a walk down to the Deer House.  Staff at the castle told the group that when the outside wall is repaired, they are going to get some more deer to keep in the grounds.  our people also learnt that there were plans to drill into the grounds in search of some hot springs, in order to use the hot water to heat he castle in the future.

Life Skills Instructor, Trevor Roxby, said "A very good educational trip.  Lots of information delivered at a place that our people could follow and understand"

Minsteracres Hub Manager, Cath Colborn, said "We are all very excited at the prospect of working in partnership with Auckland Castle next year.  Thank you to staff at Auckland Castle for your hospitality"