Nigel's Blog - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel - the Volunteer

Nigel's Blog - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

After the total disappointment of last weekend because they cancelled the Sunday Museum due to the snow and bad weather. Nigel was very happy to restart Sunday volunteer work at West Tanfield Railway station this weekend. 

Nigel arrived early at West Tanfield Railway station and started setting up the station café. Nigel helped to get all the equipment out of the security lockup containers before his regular jobs of setting up the café and tables.   After setting the tables Nigel set up the café counter with soft drinks and sweets and restocked the storage container with all the new stock delivery.

Dressed in his apron Nigel was ready for work once the café opened. Nigel was not so busy this week serving the tables and clearing the tables as it was Mother’s Day and there were not many visitors to the centre this weekend. 

As things were a bit slow Nigel had time to take some photographs of himself boarding the vintage carriages of the special train when it arrived at the station.

After the last train left Nigel help to clear all the tables, wash and pack away the utensils. Nigel made a good job of packing all the sweets, crisps, Pepsi etc into the storage containers and carrying them and the heater gas bottles to the lockable security containers ready for next time.

Nigel swept up and made sure the café was clean and then checked all the outside security shutters on all the café windows were installed.

The other volunteers were very happy and said Nigel was a great help. They said there is a special event next week with world war one vintage military vehicles and lots of military equipment and if Nigel would like to go on Saturday and Sunday next weekend they would be very happy to see him.

Nigel went home very happy with some homemade cakes for his tea.