Nigel's Blog (8) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

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Nigel's Blog (8) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel’s Eighth Sunday as a volunteer at the Tanfield Railway Museum 02 April 2018.

This weekend was a special Easter weekend at Tanfield with lots of events. the Easter weekend events were planned for all weekend Friday to Monday, so Nigel volunteered to work on Friday and Sunday.

Nigel arrived early at Tanfield to complete his jobs and preparation work before the café opened. This weekend there were lots of extra activities for Easter. Egg hunts, egg painting, etc for the children.

On Friday due to the weather things were quite and the work was steady. Sunday was a totally different day the café was very busy, and everyone had to work very hard all day to keep things moving.

As it was Nigel’s birthday on Saturday the staff at the café had a nice surprise for Nigel with a nice birthday present and card.

As the café will be open on Monday there was no need to pack all the sweets, Pepsi etc into the storage containers but all the heater gas bottles had to be taken to the lockable security containers ready for next time as a safety measure.

After cleaning the café and installing the outside security shutters on all the café windows. It’s time for home after a hard-working weekend.