Nigel's Blog (7) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

A fab day

Nigel's Blog (7) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel’s Seventh Sunday as a volunteer at the Tanfield Railway Museum 25 March 2018.

Good news this weekend the weather was great plenty of sunshine and all trains running as per the timetable.

Nigel arrived early at Tanfield as it is now part of Nigel’s responsibility to get all the equipment out of the security lockup containers before starting his regular jobs of setting up the café counter with soft drinks, sweets etc and setting up the tables.  

The café was not very busy, so Nigel helped to change the vintage props around the station. Lots of suitcases and travel trunks and Nigel arranged the setup some old vintage delivery crates.  As the books were not selling well Nigel had the good idea to make a “Books for Sale” sign to put on the station bookcase. Nigel also had some time to take more photographs of the steam engines as they arrived at the station.

Nigel also had a nice surprise when Andrew made a visit to the station for a chat. As the café doesn’t have a dishwasher Nigel is the official dish washer machine.

After the last train leaves it’s a bit hectic to clear all the tables, wash and pack away the utensils. Nigel is now responsible for packing all the sweets, Pepsi etc into the storage containers and carrying them and the heater gas bottles to the lockable security containers ready for next time.

After sweeping up and making sure the café was clean and all the outside security shutters are installed on all the café windows. It’s time for home.