Nigel's Blog (5) Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

~Sunday 25 February 2018

Nigel's Blog (5) Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel was up very early to start Sunday volunteer work at West Tanfield Railway station at 10.00AM. Nigel arrived early and started setting up the station café. Nigel helped to get all the equipment out of the security lockup containers before setting up the café and tables.   After setting the tables Nigel set up the café counter with soft drinks and sweets.

In his stylish apron Nigel was ready for work once the café opened. Nigel was very busy serving the tables and clearing the tables and preparing them for the next customer. This also included Nigel’s favourite job of washing up.

Tanfield Railway museum runs a winter timetable and during the day there were several passenger steam trains arriving and leaving the station. Lots of people visit the café when the trains arrive.

An extra train was scheduled for the end of the day and the café had to stay open until the last train departed the station. Nigel agreed to stay longer to help with jobs. After the train left Nigel help to clear all the tables, wash and pack away the utensils. Nigel made a good job of packing all the sweets, crisps, Pepsi etc into the storage containers and carrying them and the heater gas bottles to the lockable security containers ready for next time.

Nigel swept up and made sure the café was clean and then installed all the outside security shutters on all the café windows. The other volunteers were very happy and said Nigel was a great help and happy Nigel had done a lot of additional jobs this week on his own without any of the Journey management.

As a treat Nigel was invited onboard the trains steam engine cab by the train driver and engineer for some photographs. This made Nigel very happy and as an extra Nigel was also given some homemade cakes and scones to take home for his tea.