Nigel's Blog (3) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

3rd Sunday as a Volunteer

Nigel's Blog (3) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Sunday 11 February 2018


On Sunday Andrew came to get me at 9.30 am to get there at 10.00 am.  I got the milk jugs and sugar bowls out and put them on the tables and I put the drinks and boxes in the containers.  When the train came in I served the customers.  When the train went I cleared the tables and did some washing up by hand.  When the second train of the day left, that’s when I had my lunch.


After lunch I got on washing up and clearing up when the last train left.  I tidied up and put the milk jugs, sugar bowls and drinks and sweets in the containers.  At around 4 o’clock I went home.


The staff are nice.  I look forward to going all week long!  I am going to start and work out the front of our Coundon Kitchen just to get some more experience.


Next week or the following week I’m starting by myself at Tanfield Railway