Nigel's Blog (2) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

2nd Sunday as a volunteer

Nigel's Blog (2) - Volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel’s second Sunday as a volunteer at the Tanfield Railway Museum 04 Feb 2018.

Nigel was very happy to start volunteer work at the Tanfield Railway Museum for the second time on Sunday. Nigel was up early to get there in time to start work at West Tanfield Railway station at 10.00AM

Nigel arranged to meet Maggie at the Museum’s West Tanfield Railway station at 10.00AM. When they arrived the other volunteers were just starting to setup the station café for the first train to arrive at the station.

Nigel set the tables with a challenge to match the many design patterns of the cups, saucers, milk jugs, sugar bowls etc on the same tables. Part of preparing the café for opening time Nigel and Maggie hung the new curtains around the shelves after the tricky job threading the hanging wires through the curtains.

Nigel was given a stylish apron to wear to protect his cloths while he was working. Once the café opened Nigel was busy serving the tables and clearing the tables and preparing them for the next customer. This also included Nigel’s favourite job of washing up.

During the day there were several steam trains (passenger, coal and  goods trains) arriving and leaving the station. As the trains arrived lots of people came into the café as well as the people who were out for a Sunday walk.

At 4 o’clock normal closing time the last passenger train had not arrived due to the new timetable. Nigel agreed to stay longer to help with jobs.

After the train arrived and all the customers had left Nigel help to clear all the tables, wash and pack the utensils away. Nigel had the good job of packing all the sweets, crisps, Pepsi etc into the storage container and carrying them to the lockable container ready for next time.

Finally Nigel swept up and made sure the café was clean. The other volunteers were happy and said Nigel was a great help and to give him a treat they gave him some scones for his tea when he got home.

As it is his mother’s birthday this week Nigel bought a Tanfield Teddy Bear as part of her present.