Montagu Hub's Person of the Month - November

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Montagu Hub's Person of the Month - November

This month our reporting group at Montagu would like to award Alan D with person of the month for November.  We have chosen Alan for his hard work at his new voluntary job at Martha and Mary’s in Heaton.  Alan has put his all into this exciting new job opportunity and we are all so proud of his success!

During a recent review with the Montagu Hub Manager, Alan shared his goal of gaining a job in a café or similar setting. Alan was aware of the voluntary roles our people have at different Costas and shared his ambition of working there too. Alan was offered a trial shift at Costa in Newcastle and completed 3.5 hours work there. Alan found Costa too busy, the large amounts of customers made him feel uneasy.     

The opportunity at Martha and Marys was first discussed by Alan and the Job Coach. Alan knew of the café as a close friend had visited and told him all about it. The Job Coach then contacted the café to discuss voluntary opportunities and Alan was invited to meet the volunteer coordinator Chris.

Alan felt the cafe was more suitable as it was more relaxed and less busy.

With support from the Job Coach, Alan completed an application form and was offered the postion.

Alans long term goal is to eventually find paid employment.

Alan see his voluntary role at Martha and Marys as a stepping stone to help him gain more confidence and imporve his overall skills in the kitchen/cafe.

At Alan’s new job he has developed excellent new skills in customer service and money handling achieving 2 of his outcomes from his person centred plan.

Alan will be working very closely with staff to set new outcomes for the future.

Congratulations to Alan!