Montagu Hub Person Centred Plans

Daybreak supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities - Reporting Group

Montagu Hub Person Centred Plans

Reporters from the Montagu Hub have been busy interviewing Joe, Clare and Paul about their recent Person Centred Plan.

Please read on to see what they like about coming to Daybreak, having a plan and the targets they have set.

Joe likes coming to Daybreak to see his friends and to make new friends, using the computers to research on the internet about Newcastle United and places to visit with his group.

Joe told the reporters "My recent Person Centred Plan was alright, I haven't started working on my targets yet but I'm looking forward to gardening as I can take the skills I have learnt at Daybreak and use them in my own garden at home."

Clare "I like seeing my friends at Daybreak and I really enjoy dancing on a Thursday where I am learning different styles of dance. I also like performing in front of people at the Gale Theatre in Durham.  I think it is a good idea for everyone to have a Person Centred Plan. I'm currently working on one of my targets with Lorna (LSC) which is to use the telephone and/or use the computer to send emails to book appointments. By having my Person Centred Plan I can achieve what I want to do in the future and I will be able to make my own appointments, for example hair appointments or Doctor's appointments. With the help and Support of the Daybreak Staff, I will become more independent and I would like to then work on another target of using public transport to get to and from places on my own or with staff / friends"

Paul "I enjoy coming to Daybreak and I love doing music with Adam (LSC) on a Tuesday afternoon. Adam is helping me to learn the guitar. Once I have learnt the skill of playing the guitar, I would like to do gigs, DJ and write my own songs. On Saturday 23rd April 2016, I did a solo performance with my guitar at a social evening for Daybreak in front of about 80-90 people. I loved it!
I think my Person Centred Plan will help me to move in with my Girlfriend Sarah and gain my independence. By coming to Daybreak I can meet and make new friends and I can learn new skills so that I can meet my targets."

All three clients will be working with Daybreak staff to achieve their targets and to make new targets. They will be supported to gain more independence and self-satisfaction.