Look who popped in to Acomb Hub for tea

Daybreak - Supporting adults with learning disabilities

Look who popped in to Acomb Hub for tea

On the morning of Friday 25th August our Transformation Project Worker Megan arrived at Daybreak, Acomb to start work. When Megan reached for her favourite cup she noticed something other than an old tea bag at the bottom. Megan called for Nikki, our Hub Administrator to show her Daybreak’s newest arrival, a bat!

At first they both thought it was dead until it raised its little head. Nikki placed a piece of cardboard over the cup and carried the bat (now called Brucie) into the garden

Sadly, Brucie could not fly due to being too wet so Nikki started researching how to look after Brucie until he was able to fly again. Life Skills Coach, Andrew recommended a lady called Tina Wiffen, a local bat expert. Nikki called Tina for some advice on Daybreak’s newest (and wettest) member.

Tina arrived within half an hour, she picked up little Brucie, gave him a stroke, checked his wings and confirmed that Brucie is an adult male bat, underweight but with a feisty spirit. Tina left with Brucie so that she could feed him up before he can be released back here at Daybreak after dusk.

On Saturday night, 26th August, Tina released Brucie back at our Acomb Hub when she saw him flying around happily and with other bats that live here.