Daybreak and The Mambo Dance Factory

Daybreak supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities - Fundraising evening

Daybreak and The Mambo Dance Factory

On the evening of Saturday 24th September 2016, Montagu Hub's Dancers took to the dance floor at The Terrace Bar, St James Park as part of The Mambo Factory Dance Company's fundraising evening to raise money for Daybreak.

It was an amazing evening where everyone dance the night away and the grand sum of £925 was raised.

More photos of the evening can be found in our gallery

Read on for comments from our Dancers and their families.

Celia, Keith and James:
"I would like to thank the Mambo Dance Group and Daybreak for a very entertaining evening at The Terrace Bar. It was well choreographed and it was lovely to watch the dancers participating with everyone and following the tutors dance moves on the floor. I was so proud of James joining in he had a great night, but then so did everyone.
Another great charity event and hopefully more to come."

Terri L and Family
"Just to say a great big thank you for the wonderful evening on Saturday 24th September. It was lovely to see Steven interacting with the dancers and Steven's part he played in Daybreak's performance.
The evening was wonderfully entertaining; it was lovely seeing Steven enjoying himself with his friends at Daybreak as well as the dancers from the Mambo Factory."