Cowgate Allotment

Daybreak supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities - Cowgate Allotment

Cowgate Allotment

A few months ago Daybreak's Montagu Hub was given an opportunity to become a tenant of the Allotment Association on the Cowgate Estate. Lorna (LSI) , Dawn, Boris, Michael, Nicole, Emme E and Raju have been clearing the plots of all the weeds and have been discussing what they are going to try and grow. The group has been learning a lot about how to look after the plots of land and what things need planting and when. They are all learning the differences between weeds and plants. The group will be growing produce from seed so they can serve fresh produce in Daybreak's cafe.

Dawn said "Its going to be great when we get some manure dug in." and Nicole said "I like the allotment, there's picnic benches for dinner in the summer."

Lorna said "It's incredible how the team have worked so hard and cleared tthe weeds so quickly. Our group have moved mountains (of weeds) in the few weeks we have been working there."

The Allotment Association are very happy that we are going to tidy it up. The group have met Ron their neighbour at the allotments and he is very pleased that they have taken on the plot.

A couple of weeeks ago Stephen A (LSI) and a couple of strong men went to the Stepney Bank Stables and bought some manure which has now been dug into the plots. Its starting to look good.

Watch this space for our fruit and vegetables when they start to grow next year.