Background to Nigel volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel - the Volunteer

Background to Nigel volunteering at Tanfield Railway Museum

Nigel has a passion for everything and anything to do with railways, especially collecting replica train models and memorabilia. A visit to the  National Railway at Shildon was planned  by Nigel and some of other train enthusiasts.  This visit resulted in Nigel realising that being more involved in some way at the museum was an exciting path he wanted to take. Nigel and staff  started to research volunteering and what he needed to do to make that happen, filling application forms in etc;  


After a long drawn out process it was agreed that volunteering at Shildon Museum wasn’t for him and we started to explore Tanfield Railway Museum which was closer to Nigel’s home.  Journey staff supported Nigel’s dream to come true by successfully supporting Nigel at interview at the Tanfield Railway Museum for the position of Volunteer.  We are all extremely proud of Nigel and his success at becoming a volunteer


 The staff at the Museum have been hugely supportive, very warm and welcoming team. A planned programme of support was put together with Nigel, his family, Journey staff and the staff at the Museum.   The plan is to support Nigel for a short period of time, phased out over 4-week period.


Andrew from Journey collected Nigel from home at 9.30 am on Sunday 28 January 2018 and set off for the Tanfield Railway Museum to start work in the West Tanfield Station café at 10.00 am.   Nigel worked hard as the café was very busy on Sunday, especially when the trains arrived at the station.  He helped to set the tables, clear the dishes, washing up, sweeping the station, clearing rubbish up and closed the shutters at the end of the day.


Although Nigel was tired he had a great day and is really looking forward to going back next Sunday to volunteer again.  Staff from Journey have volunteered their time to bring Nigel’s dream come

true. Nigel requested that support is time limited and the staff at the Museum take over Nigel’s support. By the second week Nigel changed his travel arrangements to start the journey of becoming more independent in his role.  


Lots of great pictures were taken and will be uploaded in Nigel’s weekly blog. Watch this space….