Alison and Wendy's Person Centred Plan Interviews

Daybreak Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities - Person Centred Plan

Alison and Wendy's Person Centred Plan Interviews

This month we interviewed Alison B and Wendy from our Montagu Hub about their recent Person Centred Plan.

This is what they both had to say:

Alison B "I enjoy coming to see my friends and I enjoy some of my sessions more than others, especially dance. I love doing performances and learning different routines and styles of dancing.

My Person Centred Plan was a good idea as it helps people understand what help I need and when. I also liked how I was able to have my say on what I wanted in life and it was an opportunity to explain to my family and Daybreak Staff what I would like to do in my life.

I don't have one particular target that I'm looking forward to working on, I'm just looking forward to completing them all."

Wendy "I enjoy coming to Daybreak as I like making new friends with my group and Staff. I like all my activities.

I thought my Person Centred Plan was very good as it lets Staff know where I am up to now. I've already started to work on one of my targets in Living Skills around washing, hoovering and cooking.

I am really looking forward to working on my travel training outcome and to improve my life skills."

Both Alison B and Wendy will be working closely with Daybreak Staff to achieve their outcomes and become more confident in living independently.