Coundon Clients learn vital life saving skills

Thursday saw Daybreak Coundon learn valuable lessons in first aid

Coundon Clients learn vital life saving skills

After an introduction to safety and the ambulance service, clients took it in turns to practice their new found skills. They learnt how to check for a response, administer chest compressions, and do mouth-to-mouth. Jeff then produced his very own defibrillator kit; everyone was impressed to learn that survival chances increase from 6% (with just basic CPR) up to 70% (with a defibrillator).Clients were taught how to react when a person is choking, and after lunch a special vest helped bring the Heimlich Manoeuvre to life. The padded vest contained a pouch which expelled foam pellets at speed – if the manoeuvre was performed correctly. This exercise proved extremely popular, with everyone wanting a go.

David H, who volunteered to be the victim and wear the vest, said: “I really enjoyed it; I now have an idea of what do to if someone is choking.”

Clients then learnt about making slings, applying bandages and the recovery position. The latter activity was well received, with staff member Sallie allowing people to practice on her. Another client, Tony, said: “It was very interesting and good to learn about CPR in case I ever needed to perform it.”

Trainer Jeff was delighted with how the course went – “The clients were fabulous. Hopefully, they have learnt an essential life skill and will feel more confident if there was ever the possibility that they had to administer first aid.”

At the end of the day, each client received a certificate for completing the course.