Person Centred Pathways

Journey is a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities

Jounrey understand the barriers that people with learning disabilities face, including discrimination, isolation and social exclusion.  we aim to overcome these barriers, by providing varied life skills training; supported volunteer experiences; as we as sporting, leisure and cultural activities. We help our people to reach their full potential, lead fulfilling and purposful lives, and contribute to their communities.  

The Care Act (2014) legislation is aiming to raise the aspirations of disabled people and their families to expect employment, greater independance, good health and to be part of their community.  The Care Act emphasises the importantance of minimum support to promote independance and preventative support, to ofset reliance on care. Journey have listened to and are fully supportive of this new legislation and have incorporated its ethos in our Daybreak Five Year Strategy 2015 - 2020

Journey has always offered meaningful occupation, focussing on skills for work and life, but from now on, we must work to reduce an individual's need for care and support wherever possible, moving them further towards employment, independance, good health and being part of their community.  Journey are in the process of developing a number of pathways and individual action plans, which support the goals and aspirations in a person centred format, with realistic good life outcomes.

Each adult attending Journey will have their own person centred action plan, which will be developed with Journey and all other important people in their life.  The action plans are drawn up against their own aims and aspirations,with a tailored plan set to support them acheive realistic outcomes.  A great postive from the action plans are they are "living" actions plans and will grow and develop as do our people.